A Dinner of Mealie Pop and Chicken Feet

If My Photos Could Speak...

They were showing what the village are, where are we going to get treatment, how poor it is, happiness.
-- Vulani Mgiba

I like the photo that I took of the shop because at that shop, we get more food to eat. I like the photos that I took the elders women, that they were drinking cultural beer. And I like the photo that I was taking of me and my favorite dog. Also the photos that I took of the elder Moms that are solving the problem of our community.
-- Nicholus Mathebula

Children Playing Outside Their Home

My name is Ntombifuthi Khoza

In my family we are nine, but now I live with my brother, my sister, and my cousin. My parents are living in Johannesburg now because of work. My three older sisters are attending university. The person I love most in my family is my granny, because when she is drunk she sings songs for traditional and dance. She make me laugh a lot. When I grow up, I want to be a psychologist because I like helping people, especially those who go to the church with troubles and they need God to help them through it.

A Day Long Task: Waiting for Water

If My Photos Could Speak...

They will say that we are proud of our village and we can do many things from it.
-- Joshua Nxumalo

We are living in very small village but we do not have enough water, and we do not have the community clinic, hall, sports ground, and shops. So we need support from all country to donate for us to make life children better at all the time.
-- Kurhula Mathonsi

The name of my village is Seville C. It is a beautiful small village. I love this village because they have more water. They have a back road. It is a beautiful village around Bushbuckridge. Many people have jobs because of a road they are making.
-- Melitha Nyathi

A Man Rests on a Stave

If I Had More Film...

The picture that I want to take is the picture that I had seen at Seville A. I want to take the people who are having place to stay. People those who are doing the traditional things, include the traditional healer.
-- Nicolus Mathebula

I want to take a picture of a person how to play netball and soccer at my school. And I want to show you my garden. My father is a sangoma (traditional healer). I want to show you when he is helping a person who is suffering from different disease.
-- Melith Nyathi

My name is Mishack. My surname is Mahlangu.

When I grow up I want to be a pilot, doctor, or a police. The reason why I want to become a pilot is that I want to take people to other countries or continents like in U.S.A. become a doctor is that I want to help people in our community. The reason why I want to become a police is I want to lower crime in South Africa and in our community and in Africa.

My name is Samuel Mdlovu

I study Maths, Science and Biology. My family members are six of them. My favorite language is English because we use it to communicate in a lot of things like at school. My favorite music is Kwalto, because I like to dance so much. I love to play soccer ball and my position is striker. I love to grow some plants at home and vegetable in our garden at home. I love to stay at home at the most of time to stay away of bad things.t home at the most of time to stay away of bad things

Walking Home from Manyangana High School